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Babcock University Researchers Seek Cure For COVID-19

Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, has hinted that a team of their researchers is currently working on a cure for the novel coronavirus.
The Director, Marketing and Communications, Joshua Suleiman, the President/Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ademola Tayo revealed this in a statement while speaking with Jamb Bulletin.
They also called on the Federal Government to include private institutions on the funding for research towards the COVID-19 vaccine.
Professor Tayo stated that: “our faculties in the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture are currently researching on COVID-19 and have submitted research proposals on COVID-19 to the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science for sponsorship. We are waiting for their response.
“We also do hope that private universities will be eligible for the Federal Government’s funding for research on COVID-19 vaccine so we could benefit from it.”
He commended the JAMB management under the leadership of Professor Is-haq Oloye for the uncommon transformations in the Board.
“The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has been an exceptional regulator of admissions. It is also highly gratifying that the leadership of the Board has been demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to excellence.
“For us, at Babcock University, excellence has no other name than excellence, and we are proud that we share that quality with the current JAMB leadership. The relationship and partnership with the Board is mutual, and we hope both parties will sustain it without let or hindrance.”
On the operations of the Central Admissions Processing System, CAPS, Professor Tayo said the system had tremendously helped to finetune the admissions process in the University just, as he gave kudos to the Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System, IBASS, which has provided immense help to the candidates.
He added that the Adventist philosophy of education was conceptualised as the harmonious development of the physical, the mental and the spiritual powers of man, irrespective of your religion, colour or creed.
“Our type of education prepares the student for the joy of service now and in the world to come. It makes students assume responsibility for the positive changes in their environment.
“Furthermore, the staff and student population of Babcock University is diverse and dynamic. As such, in spite of our distinct religious identity, we admit students and employ staff and faculty of different religious persuasions, as well as different Christian denominations without causing disruptions in the University system.”
The Vice-Chancellor also told talked about the robust plan for indigent candidates aspiring to be educated at the University, adding that 20 indigent students from the host community have tuition-free scholarships irrespective of their programmes.
Other indigent applicants, he said, have the opportunity to do “work and study” to earn money to complement their traditional source of income to pay their fees.
He said the management of the institution had instituted a contingency plan whereby students who lose their sponsors in the course of their study are guaranteed 80 percent scholarship provision till they complete their programmes irrespective of the level they are at the time of the loss of their sponsors.

The President/Vice-Chancellor, in response to insinuations in some quarters that private universities seem to have zero failure rate, while certificates are being awarded to the highest bidders, said: “I cannot speak for other universities, but I suppose they don’t also ‘dash’ degrees to students.
“The private university system globally has effective and dynamic instructional mechanisms that make learning interesting and inspiring.
“I dare say that if the private university system has contributed anything to the higher education sector in Nigeria and Africa, it is the amazingly interesting atmosphere of teaching and learning, and building a community of scholars and scholarship where lecturers and student relate with each other with mutual respect and comradeship.”