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The Committee of Vice Chancellors on Monday 9th May, 2022 received the Executive Secretary of the Association of African Universities (AAU) and his team at the CVCNU Secretariat in Abuja.

The AAU provides a forum for cooperation and exchange of information on higher education and research policies in institutions stated its interest to partner with the CVCNU to provide seamless and adequate network for the association and create beneficial relationships with members.

The Secretary General of the AAU, Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole stated that “Africa has the largest number of Universities in the world, with the highest numbers of Universities there is. The AAU, who has common members with the CVCNU, will be glad to collaborate with the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities and the purpose of the visit was to seek support and collaboration to help serve its members better.”

In the area of partnership, Professor Oyewole said the AAU as a body of African Union Commission would take pride in working with Nigeria.

The AAU is concerned about the development of higher institution on the African continent and other groups in the higher education system such Directors of ICTs, Librarians, Registrars etc.

The Director of ICT Services, Communications and Knowledge Management at AAU, Nodumo Dhlamini identified the need to support the Nigerian Research Education Network NGREN, using Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and other North African Countries.

She elaborated on the need for restructuring of the management of NGREN, stressing that Nigerian Institutions need to look beyond personalizing the leadership of facility.

According to Dhlamini, “we discovered that when KNET was set up in Kenya, the sole ownership was taken over by the Vice Chancellors, who in  turn appointed officers to run the facility, and further buttressed the that the Vice Chancellors take over the NGREN an make it more effective.

The NGREN will be able to provide adequate internet facility for the Nigerian University System free from needless tax, so it could meet the needs of students.