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Kortext Reaches Out To African He Institutions In Response To The Ongoing Impact Of Covid On Education

Kortext in partnership with Brains Global are proud co-host of over hundreds of Africa’s most senior higher Education delegates at the Global Online Learning Alliance (GOLA) conference.
GOLA was created in response to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 to allow people come together to share their common cause with non-bias integrity for the good of our education systems around the world.
Professor Yakubu Ochefu – Secretary General, Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, kick started the event by sharing experiences from Nigerian’s University system both prior to, and during the pandemic, including the issues faced in Nigeria such as cost and quality of internet transmission capacity.
However, Professor Ochefu remarked “There has been positive outcomes from remote learning. This has helped deal with overcrowded classrooms and computer-based testing is becoming standard for large classes.”
Following on from Professor Ochefu was Professor Cheryl Foxcroft of Nelson Mandela University, who shared the great lengths students were going to receive their education.
“A student climbed a mountain to get signal for learning. It was greatly appreciated” – Professor Cheryl Foxcroft.
The delegates went into breakout rooms after introductions, following Chatham House rules, providing a secure platform for productive and engaging discussions.
Sir Steve Smith, the HM Government International Education Champion and former Vice Chancellor of University of Exeter concluded the event with a live Q&A session. Focusing on the issues he faced as Vice Chancellor of Exeter which included rapidly scaling the university’s digital learning infrastructure to deliver a blended teaching and learning experience for students in the face of then global pandemic.
In this session, Sir Steve Smith looked to the future stating:
“The road ahead is not the same road we have travelled down; the future is not going to be like the past”.
“I think delivery will be much more EdTech based”.
He further stated;
“Partnership is a way forward. In everything I have seen in the last year, we will get through this by working together-turning to other partners who are better at providing things than we are.
“It’s that notion that different skills are needed, and they are not skills that a traditional university has solely; it’s swallowing academic pride and finding trusted partners. The key point is that it has to be linked to a national framework to ensure best practice and value.”
James Gray Kortext CEO and Founder asked:
“What are your thoughts on the long-term stability of the university sector?”
To which Sir Steve replied:
‘The most famous example is called “An Avalanche is coming” which stated that ‘online MOOC’S would get rid of traditional universities’ when this publication was launched, I was the speaker against it.
” The key point is, I always thought universities withstood a lot of challenges overs the millennia. Universities have a lot of skills…. What has hit us is the popularity of the university. Everyone thought people would not go because of Covid.
“They went in record numbers… 2.6% more people went to the university in the UK, despite there being fewer 18-year-olds.”
James Gray Kortext CEO and Founder closed the event by saying:
“We are continually striving to evolve our teaching and learning platform to meet the needs of libraries, academics and students in Africa. This is driven through our partnership with technology, suppliers, publishers and institutions that guide development through innovation, access and feedback. This enables us to strive towards our purpose of educating the next generation of difference makers throughout the continent.”