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Nigeria’s Education Sector Needs a Reorientation Says Professor

Professor of Philosophy, Godwin Sogolo from University of Ibadan has posited that to ensure the proper orientation of Nigerian youths, more attention should be paid to courses that impact moral education as a measure to help address the security challenges in the country.

According to him, “There is need for re-orientation in education, we should not only provide an education that merely impacts skills and techniques into students but focus also on courses that helps the society to thrive.

“Today, the rush is for courses that have technical skills such as technology, medicine, law and journalism. But there are disciplines like philosophy, moral education that are made to train the human mind,” he said.

“There needs to be a reorientation…how many students study philosophy in this country.

“The University of Ibadan, which is the premiere university was established in 1948 and it did not start the teaching of philosophy until 1973.

“In most of the north until recently, there was no university in the northern part of this country had a philosophy department.

“We need those disciplines that humanise and teach the individual the art of being human, it is important because no matter what skills you have, until you begin to behave like a human, you are not a human and so, society cannot survive without that aspect of education”.

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