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Prof Yakubu Ochefu Received An Award

Secretary General Of The CVC Receives Award For Most Notable And Top Distinguished Professor Of Rare Fame Of The 21st Century

On Wednesday 17th February, 2020, the Secretary-General, Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, Professor Yakubu A. Ochefu was awarded “The most Notable and Top Distinguished Professor of Rare Fame of the 21st Century” and “A Life Fellow of International Chartered World Learned Society” by the International Chartered World Learned Society.

Receiving Awards

Most Distinguished Professor Award

Speaking at the event which took place at the CVC Secretariat in Abuja, Professor Bashiru Aremu, the President, and International Chartered World Learned Society eulogized the awardee that he referred to as an outstanding individual who’s sustained contribution to the educational community has being recognized through significant leadership roles, as well as scholarly impact and influence.

He further went on to say, as relevant stakeholders in the higher educational system, we have to give honor to whom honor is due and reorient education that encourages changes in knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to enable a more sustainable and just society as a whole and a global environment.

The Deputy Secretary General, Committee of Vice Chancellors, Mr. Olayiwola Adigun, described Professor Ochefu as a prime academician and administrator who is an excellent team oriented individual with a passion for sustainable development at all levels. He pointed out that the Professor Ochefu has made remarkable changes to CVC as an organization since the beginning of his tenure as the Secretary General of CVC.


Most Distinguished Professor Group Picture

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