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British Council – Gender Equality Partnership Programme £25,000 Funding

Women Underrepresentation in Nigerian Higher Education Leadership

British Council – Gender Equality Partnership Programme £25,000 funding

This proposal explores means for addressing the underrepresentation of Women in Leadership of Nigerian Higher Education system.  Project Goals include:

  • Increase awareness of underrepresentation of women in the HE Leadership
  • Provide guidance and resources for the empowerment of women leadership roles
  • Undertake training that advance skills and competences of women to take up senior leadership positions in the HE system
  • Undertake training and recommendations on how to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) programmes and policies in the Nigerian HE system

Leadership Development Webinars:

Leadership development aimed at improving leadership skills, management skills and employability skills of women in middle and senior positions. Train-the trainer workshops.

Delivery of hybrid training workshops on courses such as:

  1. a) succession (planning for future growth with skilled and confident women managers)
  2. b) Career (preparing women for the next step of their career as managers)
  3. c) Competence: developing professional managerial skills
  4. d) Confidence: Train to become a competent manager with the confidence to lead other’s effectively
  5. e) Recruitment and Retention: How to attract and nurture effective leaders and create a culture of effective leadership based on foundation of diversity and equality

Intended Project Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Increase in skills and competences of women to take up senior leadership positions in higher education.

Outcome 2: Women academics are empowered to participate in decision making, policy formulation and implementation

Outcome 3: Promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity policies in the Nigerian HE

CVC Funding allocation/activities

Project  Administrator – CVCNU (Part-time support staff) x 12 months £1, 000
Conference of all Nigerian Universities Senior Leadsership, Sept 2023

· Local Travel & accommodation for selected delegates

· Venue Hire at Abuja for conference/office of CVCNU

· Conference materials and Refreshment

· Conferencing planning admin and Conference waiter/waitress

£2, 500


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