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International Conference on Leadership & Gender

International Conference on Leadership & Gender

Project: Women Underrepresentation in Nigerian Higher Education Leadership

Funder: British Council – Gender Equality Partnership Programme

In Conjunction with CVCNU @ 60 Years Celebration

October 8th  – 12th,  2023.

Abuja (Nigeria) and Hybrid

Call for Abstract and full paper and Registration

Leadership and gender issues in the higher education is the focus of the conference. Effective leadership is not the exclusive domain of either men or women and both can learn from the other. Inequality, inequity, disadvantage, and exclusion have been highlighted as major socio-economic indicators preventing development progress in many developing economies. Research, policies and practices of equity, equality, diversity and inclusion (EEDI) examines how to eliminate discrimination related to gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, physical, language and socio-economic background.

The UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948, declared that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” and Article 2 stated that “everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, birth or other status.” In the light of these development, this conference focuses on exploring opportunities for sharing best practices in leadership, equal treatment legislation, gender mainstreaming, integration of the gender perspective into all other policies and specific measures for the advancement of women into higher leadership position in the higher education system and other key sectors and organisations.

The Conference will be Co-hosted by the project: Women Underrepresentation in Nigerian Higher Education Leadership: A partnership between University of Lincoln, UK; African Development Institute of Research Methodology (ADIRM), Nigeria; and Office of Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVCNU). The project is funded by British Council – Gender Equality Partnership programme. Also, the conference will be In Conjunction with CVCNU @ 60 Years Anniversary. The proposed City will be Abuja (Venue TBC) and date will 13-14th September 2023.

This conference showcases and promotes more awareness for the advancement of diversity that reflects on equality as a basic human right and the society should encourage everyone to pursue their chosen path in life, have equal opportunities to thrive, and can equally participate in and lead in any organisation, politics, community and society. Examples of topics which illustrate the scope of the conference are provided below:

  • Removing barriers and improving access to education for people of all genders
  • Enabling or improving gender parity between genders
  • Removing gender bias in academic and research practices
  • Gendered style of leadership
  • Gender and Management style
  • Historicizingequity, equality, diversity and inclusion (EEDI)
  • Higher Education and EEDI issues and challenges
  • 60 years of Leadership in Nigerian Universities
  • Leadership and infrastructure
  • Gender and Education Access and Equity
  • Inclusive policies and practices in Higher education
  • Cultural and emotional intelligence
  • Psychological safety
  • Gender, Health and EEDI
  • Gender, Politics and EEDI
  • ICT, Gender and social equality or inequality
  • Gender, Poverty and EEDI
  • Institutions, Gender Issues and EEDI
  • Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Gender and EEDI
  • Workplace, Organisational Behaviour, Gender and EEDI
  • Gender-based violence; Gender stereotypes; Gender gaps in the labour market; etc.
  • Best-practice case studies on women’s leadership and role models
  • Examining women role models in education and other key industries
  • The importance of equity, diversity and inclusion and key challenges
  • EEDI policies and practices: What works, effective, or less effective, and why?
  • EEDI policies and practices related to staffing, inclusive classroom and campuses, research and innovation initiatives 

Conference Impact:

This conference provides you with a unique opportunity to share your story and your research interest with a global audience of women, men, academia, activists, scholars, politicians, policymakers, journalists, social media, etc.

Who to attend:  Anyone from Junior, Middle and Senior Academics, professionals, administrators and policymakers from Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education, Ministries of Education and education agencies. Also, presenters and participants from other African countries are welcomed.

Co-Host: Women Underrepresentation in Nigerian Higher Education Leadership: A partnership between University of Lincoln, UK; African Development Institute of Research Methodology (ADIRM), Nigeria; and Office of Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities. The project is funded by British Council – Gender Equality Partnership programme.

Date: October 8th  – 12th,  2023.

Venue: Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVCNU), Secretariat, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria [Venue TBC] 

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission [01 May – 16 June 2023]
  • Accepted submission notification [June 26-30, 2023]
  • Full paper submission [28 July 2023]
  • Writing workshop to convert 10 – 15 best conference papers to Edited Book and Journal special issue publication [October 2023]

Submit full paper to:

Keynote speakers and Guest speakers:

List out soon …… through the project website

Conference Registration Form

Presentation during the conference and attendance is FREE, however, registration is required using this link:

Benefit for submitting paper and presenting:

  • All presenters will receive a certificate of presentation
  • The Best 5-8 papers will be peer-reviewed for publication in a special Issue Journal publication (Thompson Reuters and Scopus ranked journal)
  • The next 10-12 papers will be peer-reviewed for publication as Chapters in an Edited Book on Gender and Leadership to be published by international publishers (both printed book and online version).

Partnering Universities Representatives

University of Calabar Dr. Brenda Akpan Executive Director, Gender Development Centre
Dr. Kingsley Abang Deputy Director, Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Dr. Oluseyi Dada Acting Director, Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
Coal City University Dr. Felicia Moh Gender Specialist
Okechukwu Chukwuemeka Entrepreneurial Studies
Uchenna Chuka-Ujam EDI Specialist
Niger Delta University Prof. Comfort Mbachu Gender Specialist
Dr. ThankGod Apere Entrepreneurial Studies
Prof. Christine Odi EDI Specialist
Alex Ekwueme Federal University Dr. Ngozi Uduma Director, Centre for Gender Studies
Dr. Emmanuel Nweze Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship
Prof. Dr. Johnny Ogunji Director, Academic Planning
Bingham University Dr. Iguodala Hope Cole Imuetinyan Coordinator, Gender Studies
Dr. Aigbedion Marvelous Isibor Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovative and Leadership Studies
Ms. Monica Alexander Ankeli Director, Linkages and Transnational Education
Federal University Lokoja Dr. Roseline Oshewolo Gender Studies Specialist
Dr. Martins Onimisi Director of Entrepreneurship Development
Prof. Muhammad Nasiru Suleiman Director of Research and Innovation
Gombe State University Prof. O. A Adepoju
Dr. Nasiru Modibbo
Hadu Naphtali Ligari
Prince Abubakar Audu University Dr. Funmilayo Olubunmi Agbana Gender Specialist
Dr. Meyamoh Mero Onimisi Entrepreneurship
Prof. Daniel Friday Atidoga EDI Specialist
Benue State University prof. Chinwe Muodumogu Former Director, Centre for Gender Specialist
Prof. Benedict Iorzer. Labe Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies
Dr. Philip Bagu Deputy Director, Quality Assurance
Lead City University Dr. Modupe Ala Gender Specialist
Dr. E.R. Aderinto Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
Prof. Omolara Campbell Dean Management and Social Science
Igbenedion University Dr. (Mrs) Ugiomon Eruteya Gender Studies
Dr. Adekunle Sahees Ajisebiyawo Equality Diversity
Dr. (Mrs) Josiah Mary Entrepreneurial Studies


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